“Opal” is an upbeat, catchy, pop/rock/dance love song.

All Mad Ms added their artistry and Wally Sound added his studio magic. Music, lyrics and video by yours madly.
Dare I say it? “This tune is a gem.”

Enjoy a hi-fi version on our BandCamp

Enjoy our official and decidedly “psychedelic rock” video.

Speaking of rocks, did you know that opals are mineraloids? If a gemstone has a crystalline structure, it’s a mineral. If it doesn’t have crystallinity, it is classified as a mineraloid. Amber and obsidian are other examples of mineraloids.

Opal is the birthstone for October, which happens to be my birth month. I’ve always found them fascinating, especially fire opals.

Now there’s some groovy / roll your own light show imagery. 🙂