Finally, on November 6, we have a chance to turn this craziness around. Let’s do this!
I cannot bear the thought of waking up on November 7 feeling like I did in 2016.

Vote like your lives depend on it. Because they do.

Despite what the media would have you believe, 2.4 plus million more voters have chosen Hillary over Bernie in the primaries so far.

Despite what Bernie’s out of control followers want to believe, as of today, Hillary Clinton has 767 more delegates than Bernie.
Hillary: 2,240 (includes 524 super delegates)
Bernie: 1,473 (includes 40 super delegates)

Not including the super delegates in the tally, Hillary still has 283 more than Bernie.

Primaries are a race for delegates. Hillary needs just 143 more delegates to win the nomination. Bernie needs 910 more delegates to win.

For those of you who think of Bernie’s losing the nomination as a political catastrophe, I suggest reading Hillary’s stances on the issues. That will help calm your anxiety about her winning the nomination.