Yesterday, 361 days after we began our Covid-19 pandemic stay@home routine, I received my first vaccine shot. Woo hoo!

All it took was a quick 20 minute walk to the “Big O”, a short wait in line, an evaluation and then the shot and a 15 minute wait afterwards to be sure I had no strong reaction. The injection sight in my arm is a bit sore but that it is. Easy, peasy!

I received a print out of the brand, in my case Pfizer, the batch number, time injected and the name of the nurse who jabbed me.

My second shot is scheduled for June 28,2021 which means 16 weeks later for the beginning of complete immunization.

The delayed second dose approach is somewhat controversial. Several provinces in Canada including Quebec decided to extend the time between shots based on evolving science that indicates good protection from the first dose and extra protection from the delayed second “booster” shot.

Also, by delaying second doses more people can get their first dose faster.

I am happy and relieved to have the first shot in me. And, I’m really looking forward to having full immunity by mid July — there’s a two week ramp up of immunity after receiving each of the vaccine shots.

Thanks to all the amazing scientists who made this possible. Thanks to Prime Minster Trudeau for getting vaccines ordered. Thanks to Quebec for getting those vaccines to the people.