Plenty of four letter words have come to my mind over the last months with all the craziness going on in the world.

The word one I like the best is…

Enjoy and share the Mad Maggies’ latest video. It’s a gentle nudge to just do it.

Finally, on November 6, we have a chance to turn this craziness around. Let’s do this!
I cannot bear the thought of waking up on November 7 feeling like I did in 2016.

Vote like your lives depend on it. Because they do.

Watch the new Mad Maggies video!

WARNING: Contains subtle political commentary and explicit calls to action.

10 days until the USA midterm elections on November 6, 2018. We can turn the tide.

SYNOPSIS: There’s that horrible feeling when you realize that you’ve been duped by a brazen con-artist. It keeps you up at night. You know you’ve got to fix the situation. You CAN do something.

It’s three in the morning
I’m losing sleep
How did I fall for a
no good lying cheat?

There were so many warnings
I should have seen
through his gold plated charm and
lavish thieving schemes

but I strayed, yes I strayed
and was played for the fool
my careless heart made an easy mark

Far from gilded seats of power
Stars still shine, lovers meet
Sweet melodies ease our sadness
the madness is washed to the sea

It’s three in the morning
I’m wide awake
It’s time I put right my
sad, sad mistake

AVAILABLE as a single on BandCamp:
from the Mad Maggies’ 8th album “Naked Ladies”

THANKS to Sean Pete for concept consultation and new headlines footage.
THANKS to all the Mad Ms for video material:
Gary Wium
Ray & B Fernandez
Johny Blood & Juliana
Ian Luke & MJ
Mark Nemoyten
Ned Stone

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yourvotecountsBefore everyone starts throwing around accusations that the 2016 U.S. presidential primary is rigged or that their candidate of choice is being cheated in the process, take the time to look at the facts. It is straight ahead math based on political party rules.

Again, with a quick consult with the Google one can access clear explanations of how the U.S. primaries work.

– Government 101 explains presidential primaries

– How Stuff Works explains how presidential primaries work

– I like the Bloomberg delegate tracker

– This NPR article lines out where Hillary and Bernie are now before Tuesday 4/26/16 primaries in PA, RI, CT, MD, and DE.

The current presidential candidates from both parties are playing by the rules, so far. (Not like the shenanigans in 2008.)

If you don’t like how the parties allocate delegates, well that is a whole ‘nother can of political worms. You ought to start working grassroots now to change the rules in your state.

Politics is a long game.