I discovered how easy it was to make butterscotch about three years ago when I was looking for a treat to replace my usual chocolate.

Chocolate wasn’t the friend I had thought it was. Cacoa beans contain both tyramine and phenylalanine which are common migraine triggers. I had to go cold turkey after years of being a chocoholic.

There in the trustworthy “Joy of Cooking” was a basic old time recipe that looked like something I could master. I bought a candy thermometer – a must, and a few candy molds – optional, and gave the recipe a try. Sweet success!

I’ve made it several times since and it is always good. Butter, molasses and brown sugar, vinegar and water. What’s not to love? Plus the cost is very low for something as scrumptious.

Candy making does require fussiness. And be super cautious handling molten sugar. It’s really hot!

Here I am showing you how I do it:

For the curious:
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