SheelaNaGig2016 white bkgMy vagina is talking again. Listen up.

Women are grossly misrepresented in government worldwide. And the United States has sadly one of the worst records of gender parity in political office.

“There have been 46 female senators of the United States. There have been 1,919 male senators. That’s 98 percent male.

There have been 3 female Secretaries of State in U.S. history and 65 men. That’s just above 95 percent male.

There have been 4 female Supreme Court justices in the United States, including 3 now serving on the bench. There have been 108 male justices. That’s more than 96 percent male.

There have been 44 Presidents of the United States. All men. The math is easy: that’s 100 percent male.”
Peter Daou, Blue Nation Review

With only three women running for president, and just 104 women holding congressional seats, the U.S. is doing worse than Afghanistan… — Lisa de Bode, America Al Jazeera

When it comes to women rising to the top of their profession an ugly dynamic rears its head.

“A recent Pew Research Center report on women and leadership found that 38% of Americans believe one major reason there aren’t more women in top elective office in the U.S. is that they are held to higher standards than men.”
Lauren Ken, Pew Research

This U.S. election season is especially distressing. Bernie calls Hillary “unqualified” to cheering crowds with nary a whiff of irony. Crass, loudmouth “Bernie Bros” troll and intimidate, oblivious to or disdainful of the fact that the target of their contempt has more popular votes. Trump, the quintessential bully, beauty pageant owner and braggart tosses out vulgarity towards his female opponent to the delight of his fans.

Women who put themselves forward in the same assertive, confident style as men are routinely found pushy, “bitchy,” or unlikable, and professionally penalized for that, too. — Sady Doyle, Quartz

I am happy and lucky to be in a western country where we can discuss gender bias and the need for more parity. My heart goes out to all the females in countries where misogyny is enshrined in religion and enforced by theocracies. But, enough with any kind of “sliding scale” of acceptable unfairness. All denigration and mistreatment of females simply because they are females is unfair. Everywhere. Why am I even writing such an obvious statement in the 21st century?

The idea of parity has been researched and is considered a very good thing for society. Now, we need it to happen.

So, I and my vagina will vote for the woman. Not for the blustery, finger pointing, self-righteous man who has some pretty nasty sexist supporters, nor for the puffed up chauvinist who can’t control himself in public.

I am not alone.

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