Sometimes the urge for oatmeal cookies gets a hold and the only cure is to bake a batch.

In this video, I share a recipe, talk about the ingredients, get a bit nostalgic about my cooking utensils, and share my vanilla secret.

A few months ago, I found a very good recipe on the internet that uses spelt flour. The cookies have come out great each time I use it — nice and moist and chewy.
I use organic ingredients. Go organic farmers!

Spelt is an ancient and very nutritious grain that is experiencing a renaissance. It has the benefit of growing successfully without the use of pesticides. The Spelt Bakers is a useful resource.

There is plenty of documentation on how good Oats are. I’ve always loved them. One of my favs is sprinkling raw rolled oats on yougurt.

I have several cooking implements that have histories that go way back. Whenever I use them, I think of how I got them, how long I’ve had them and what steady tools they been. Call me sentimental.

Tip: Buy the best beans that you can. Here’s some info on where vanilla is grown and what to look for. For the rum, I use Mount Gay Rum “Eclipse” Barbados. Honestly don’t skimp on the beans or booze.

For a 10 second edit I found a short riff I recorded, who knows when.

And then for the finale I added a tease of “Chance to Dance” by none other than the Mad Maggies which you can hear in its entirety at our BandCamp site.


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