canidate_comparisons240pxI have decided to enjoy the prospect of a competent human with a vagina in the White House. This is historic and definitely something to get excited about and support.

What astounds me is how the candidate running for the presidency, who has “lady parts”, incites some voters to apoplexy.

I understand those on the political right slamming Vagina H, but I am shocked at the attacks from the political left especially when her policies are verifiably liberal. Rankled Penis B supporters throw around some of the worst misinformation with scant regard for the facts, essentially echoing decades of GOP media smears.

It takes but a few minutes with the Google to check out a politician’s stances on the issues.
On the Issues, a web sight that compiles all of the elected officials voting records is illustrative. Vagina H is essentially as liberal as Vagina E. Imagine that! Penis B is to the left of both but not by much at all. All three are rated as “hard core liberal”. Hard Core Liberal!

Here is another fun comparison from the BBC.

And this from US News:

Bill is a genuine centrist. Hillary is not. On numerous issues, she sits to the left of her husband and of President Barack Obama.

So don’t get your bitches britches in a bundle. Enjoy making history.

And, do worry about Penis T.

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