I have been learning Irish for several years now. I don’t have as much time as I’d like to devote to it but I don’t let that stop me from persisting. Little by little, a word here and there, and now this crazy language doesn’t look quite as strange as when I first started to tackle it.

My longtime tutor and fellow learner sent me this one panel today. It gave me a much needed giggle. Of course, I had to work out the grammar and vocabulary.


Déanta na fírinne = Actually / In fact

is lú an bhuairt a chuireann = is less concerning

hionróirí seo ón spás = these invaders from space

ná = than

an ceannaire = the leader

a bhfuilimid á dtabhairt chuige. = to whom we are taking them.

Actually, these invaders from space are less troubling than the leader we’re taking them to.

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